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Good Measures works with all forms of stakeholder - executives, employees and their representatives, customers, suppliers, general shareholders plus national/regional publics at large - to save expense, raw materials and energy in manufacturing and service provision. It identifies priorities for saving resources and reducing environmental impact and how these gains will be achieved through active stakeholder research. All gains are strictly measured against pre-agreed and relevant key success factors and there can be paybacks/additional dividends for stakeholders.
It drives higher stakeholder engagement as its sustainability work is more action-based, understandable and results focused than CSR programmes alone.

Good Measures is financially driven and primarily targeted at global businesses and the public/PFI sector where savings can be optimised. Its consulting models and approaches can, however, be adapted for all sizes and types of organisation.
Good Measures also provides safety, health and environment (SH&E) programmes to educate stakeholders, particularly employees in heavy and hazardous industries, in order to prevent costly or environmentally damaging incidents.

These services combine the 24 years of experience and expertise of managing director, Tim Roberts, in internal communication with his initial degree and training in the environmental field. Tim was one of the first corporate ecologists in the UK and then worked on major environmental master planning projects in the Middle and Far East, as well as drafting green socio-environmental policies for the EU.


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